Our Products
Our Company is well - know corporation in supplying and importing various kind of spare parts, tools and auxiliary equipments related to Gas, Oil and petroleum Industries.
Our Services
The Idea "Valuable professional services", is an important key for aim to our main goals so we have developed quality of our services and reach to higher satisfaction of our customers.
Our Partners
Supporting the customers at Highest Level need a long-time international relations and it is one of our major missions to establish and expand our international network.
Our Mission
Reach to highest satisfaction of our customers, is the main Mission of Texan co,. that will be reached by SUPPORTING the customers at the Highest Level.

International Partners

Supporting the customers by the highest Level of Services always need a wide international network of partnership, and PetroTexan Company always welcome to new partners for establishing new cooperation and long term relationship.
You can find PetroTexan major Partners at below :
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  • We Are Updating The List and it will be available soon.
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